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The mission of Designer LifeStyles is to continue to provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of excellence in Concierge and Lifestyle Management services. We construct management and consulting partnerships with our clients to EMPOWER our clients with focused productivity, clear decision making skills, harmonious relationships, and unlimited innovation. Providing continuous management, guidance, and life-skill resources enhances our clients' ability to manage day-to-day operations, issues, and build stronger, long lasting relationships.

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LifeStyles Management Services

Designer LifeStyles is a highly perspicacious concierge and lifestyle management firm that is cognizant of the fact that no two businesses are the same which affords us to custom design our services for each client. Being hailed as one of the premier concierge and lifestyle management agencies providing services to various corporations, organizations, educational institutions, individuals, and high net worth individuals, our C-Suite concierge services are tailored to meet and enhance the specific needs of each client. Whatever your corporate, personal or educational needs, contact Designer LifeStyles today to design your personalized LifeStyle Enhancement Plan.

Personal Assistant Services

Designer LifeStyles understands that revitalization and efficiency are key in creating and maintaining a busy and fulfilling lifestyle. We are here to assist you and/or your family with your lifestyle enhancement journeys. Designer LifeStyles’ customized Personal Assistant and Estate Management services are designed to assist with managing your schedules, lives and homes from 5 hours to 12 hours a day, 4 days to 7 days a week, we are here to customize and enhance YOUR lifestyle both at work and at home while providing you with the various amenities you desire.

Personal Services

Personal Lifestyle Management Consulting is a tailored, design alliance between the Client and a Lifestyle Management Consultant. Our Lifestyle Management Consultants will come to understand you, your needs, and your wants while providing exemplary and trustworthy service in the areas of fashion design and styling, image enhancement, media training, public relations, personal and professional counseling, and entrepreneurship.


LaTonya "Toni" Mosley

Samuel Graham is truly a Lifestyle Maverick! He has always been able to see beyond what's needed before it comes to fruition. I always seek the personal and professional counsel from "Sam Graham" on issues of living, fashion, career, and relationships; just to name a few. A true game changer!
Sam Graham is the epitome of style and class armed with the blessings and skills of guiding individuals and businesses to their highest potential. This includes his insightful experience in the higher education profession. It was nothing but grace that led me to Samuel Graham when I needed assistance with my admissions and financial aid questions for me and my relatives. His knowledge, patience, guidance, and ability to "talk shop" with people in the various college departments proved to be advantageious for me and my family members. Thank you Samuel Graham, Jr. A TRUE lifestyle coach and consultant!

Angel Idowu

Waxy Desires Candles

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